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kids and exercise - dumbelled (1)

Teenagers and exercise

Gone are the days when kids used to run down in th...

April 23, 2014
runners six pack

The Runner’s Six Pack

Yes, crunches will strengthen your midsection. But...

April 21, 2014

Teenagers and Junk food fascination

From the ancient age till now, food habits have un...

April 19, 2014
foods that women shouldnt avoid

Foods women shouldn’t avoid in their diet

1. Milk/ curds: low fat variants of milk and curds...

April 18, 2014

Client Success Stories


At a point where my confidence was completely drained out to run a marathon, it was only Dan's training which made me run 89 Km in just 11 hours and 50 minutes

 Kanishka Baronia
Kanishka Baronia

The best thing that Neha and offered me was a diet solution that suits my life style. This schedule did not cut out on my weekly outings, did not put up pressure of going out for purchasing ‘diet’ food items on a regular basis. Most of it was what was available to me.